Core Curriculum Course List

Fall 2021 Core Curriculum Course List

Summer 2021 Core Curriculum Course List

Spring 2021 Core Curriculum Course List?

Updated on 12/15/2020
Humanistic Perspectives on China/Chinese Arts (HPC/CA)
  • GCHN-SHU 283 Reading and Viewing Modern China (added 12/5/2020)
  • ART-SHU?9077 Contemporary Art & New Media in China*
  • CCSF-SHU?123 Contemporary Chinese Political Thought
  • GCHN-SHU?110 The Concept of China
  • GCHN-SHU?156 History of Chinese Art
  • GCHN-SHU?165 China and the Islamic World
  • GCHN-SHU?211 Chinese Architecture
  • GCHN-SHU?233 Foreign Societies in Classical Chinese Writing
  • GCHN-SHU?234?Dunhuang?and Its Global Connections
  • GCHN-SHU?263 Voices from the Margin: Modern Chinese and?Sinophone?Writers
  • GCHN-SHU?264 Chinese Migrant and?Diasporic?Networks
  • GCHN-SHU?351 Buddhism, Nature and Technology in the Chinese World
  • HIST-SHU?153 History of Modern China Since 1840
  • HIST-SHU?312 China Encounters the World
  • HUMN-SHU?366 Shanghai Stories
  • SCA-SHU?9634 Global Connections: Shanghai
  • SOCS-SHU?254 Ethnographies of Change in China


* Starting from Spring 2021,?ART-SHU?9077 Contemporary Art & New Media?in?China will only count towards HPC/CA requirement, instead of counting for either HPC/CA or SSPC.

Social Science Perspectives on China (SSPC)
  • CCSF-SHU?123 Contemporary Chinese Political Thought
  • GCHN-SHU?243 China and the Environment
  • GCHN-SHU?250 Geographies of China
  • RELS-SHU?9270 Religion and Society in China: Ghosts, Gods, Buddhas and Ancestors
  • SCA-UA?9634 Global Connections: Shanghai
  • SOCS-SHU?133 Urbanization in China
  • SOCS-SHU?254 Ethnographies of Change in China
  • SOCS-SHU?270 Social Change in Contemporary China
  • SOCS-SHU?275 US-China Relations
  • SOCS-SHU?370 China's Foreign Policy
  • LWSO-SHU 491 SOCS-SHU 391 International Investment Transactions in Developing Countries: China, Africa, Latin America | International Investment in Developing Countries: China and Africa*


* Updated 12/4/2020

Experimental Discovery in the Natural World (ED)
  • INTM-SHU?130 Working?with?Electrons*
  • BIOL-SHU?123?FoS?Biology Lab +?BIOL-SHU?21 Foundations of Biology I
  • CCEX-SHU?122 Perception and the Brain
  • CCEX-SHU?170 While You Were Sleeping
  • CCEX-SHU?203 Energy and the Environment
  • EENG-SHU?201 Circuits
  • CHEM-SHU?127?FoS?Chemistry Laboratory I
  • CHEM-SHU?128?FoS?Chemistry Laboratory II
  • PHYS-SHU?71 FoS Physics Laboratory
  • PSYC-SHU?101 Intro to Psychology


*?Added 12/10/2020

Science, Technology, & Society (STS)
  • BIOL-SHU?261 Genomics and?Bioinformatics
  • GCHN-SHU?243 China and the Environment?
  • HIST-SHU?302 History of Water (This class is canceled for Spring 2021 semester)*
  • NEUR-SHU?303 Introduction to Linguistics: The Science of Human Language
  • PHIL-SHU?130 Philosophy of Technology: Thinking Machines
  • PHIL-SHU?230 Philosophy of Physics
  • SOCS-SHU?170 Intro to Global Health
  • SOCS-SHU?334 Legal Psychology


* Updated 12/15/2020

Algorithmic Thinking (AT)
  • CSCI-SHU?101 Intro to Computer Science
  • CSCI-SHU?11 Intro to Computer Programming
  • INTM-SHU?101 Interaction Lab
  • INTM-SHU?103 Creative Coding Lab
  • MATH-SHU?9?Precalculus
  • MATH-SHU?10 Great Ideas in Math?
  • MATH-SHU 131 Calculus