First Year Planning

Before you choose your courses, think about the academic disciplines you are interested in pursuing. In your first year, you will not have a major, and we encourage you to take advantage of this time to try out different subjects and figure out what is right for you. However, it would be helpful for your academic planning if you review majors requirements and start to think about possible majors.?

Online Academic Advising Module

The Online Academic Advising Module contains information about course planning, registration procedures, and policies. Complete the online module by?Wednesday, August 11, 12 pm, Shanghai Time. Course registration for all Class of 2025 students will start on?Monday, August 16 at 9 am Eastern Standard Time / 9 pm Shanghai Time.?

Academic Group Advising Sessions

During the weeks of August 2 and August 9, the Academic Advising Office will host several?online Zoom group advising sessions?during which you can discuss all your academic questions. There is no need to sign up in advance. You can join?one or more sessions?via the Zoom tab?in the?Class of 2025 Summer Module.?All sessions will cover identical content.


Sample Course Schedule for Majors Besides Natural Science

This typical course schedule is for students who wish to pursue?humanities, global China studies, economics, social science, interactive media arts, interactive media and business, mathematics, honors mathematics, business, computer science, computer systems engineering, data science, and electrical and systems engineering.


Non Science Major


Sample Course Schedule for Intended Natural Science Majors

This typical course schedule is for students who wish to pursue?biology, chemistry, neural science, or?physics.


Science Majors

First Semester Registration?FAQs

Global Perspectives on Society (GPS)

Am I required to take Global Perspectives on Society (GPS)? What is this course about?

First-year students are required to take the Global Perspectives on Society (CCSF-SHU?101L, 4 credits) and this course is only offered in the Fall semester.

In this course, students?will explore a set of timeless questions about how society is, or should be, organized, based on close examinations of diverse thinkers and writers from different times and different cultures. The questions raised in this course will engage the moral, social, and political foundations of human relationships, the principles according to which people assemble into societies of different scales, and the bases for interaction among societies in a world of accelerating interdependence.?Read about the student experience in the GPS course.


Where can I find my math level and how is this decided?

Your math placement level is available in the?Summer Advising Module.?You have been placed in a math level based on your high school records and the criteria here (under Mathematics Placement).??If we do not yet have high school exam scores for you, you have been automatically placed into?Precalculus?pending review of your scores upon receipt.

I have taken AP/IB/A-Level math and I believe I should be placed into a higher level Math course. How can I change my math placement?

Please complete the Math Placement Appeal Form available?in the?Summer Advising Module.?You should also send the relevant exam scores as soon as possible to NYU Shanghai. You can follow?these instructions. For placement criteria, please review?the website.

Can I take a higher level math course?

?If you wish to try and place into a higher-level math course than where you were placed, you will have the opportunity to take a Math Placement Exam during Orientation. See details on the “Placement Exams” page.

Can I choose to take Precalculus??

Although you are recommended to enroll in the mathematics course that reflects your math placement level, you have the option to take a math course lower than the assigned level.?

The following majors don't require Calculus: Social Science,?IMA,?IMB, Humanities, and Global China Studies. However, some courses you are interested in taking may require Calculus as a prerequisite.?

I want to pursue science majors (Biology, Neural Science, Chemistry or Physics), which math class should I take?

In order to take Biology, Neural Science, Chemistry or Physics, you must place into and enroll in either Calculus (MATH-SHU?131) or Honors Calculus (MATH-SHU?210). Your math placement level is available in the?Summer Advising Module.

If you have not placed into Calculus, you must first take?Precalculus?(and pass with a grade of at least a “C”) and then move on to take the science courses below in your second year. In the meantime, for the first semester, you will follow the course plan of non-science major students.



Do I have to take Chinese class during my first semester??

All international students are required to be proficient in Mandarin Chinese up to the Intermediate 2 level by graduation. If you are not yet at that level, it is strongly recommended that you take a Chinese course in your first semester.?Read more?about the Chinese placement exam and courses.

I have some questions regarding my Chinese placement. Who should I contact?

If you are having any technical issues with the online exams, you can email? If you have any questions about your Chinese placement level, please email?
You may also find more information on the Chinese Language Program of NYU Shanghai on?their website.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

What is English for Academic Purposes (EAP)? Do I need to take this course?

All domestic Chinese students are required to take 8 credits of?EAP?in their first two years, following a two-semester sequence from?EAP?100 to?EAP?101.?EAP?100 must be completed in the first year; most students will complete a 4-credit?EAP?100 seminar in the fall term and an?EAP?101 seminar in the spring term.?Students must successfully complete?EAP?101 before the end of their second year and before they study away. Students who demonstrate exceptionally strong competence on all learning outcomes as they complete?EAP?100 may be recommended by faculty for exemption from?EAP?101. Exemptions are rare and most students should expect to complete 8 credits.?


Students who intend to pursue a science major are?eligible to take two 2-credit?EAP?100 seminar in the first year and complete?EAP?101 the following year.??

Read more?about the?EAP?Seminar.

Can I change my choice of session of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course?

Yes, you can enroll in any open session of?EAP?course, but there is no waitlist for any?EAP?course, and you can only enroll in one open session at one time. Beginning the second day of the semester (August 31), you will not be able to add/drop your?EAP?course in Albert. If you wish to change your?EAP?course registration after that date, you may contact Professor Steve?Iams, Area Head of English for Academic Purposes ( He will accommodate your request if possible.?

How many credits can students enroll in the first semester?

Freshman students typically take 4 courses for a total of 16 credits in their first semester. Based on your interest, you may also enroll in a 2-credit art/music elective on top of your schedule. However, the maximum credits students can take in their first semester is 18, plus the 1-credit "Design Your Global NYU Shanghai Experience" course.

Students who are interested in taking the 8-credit Foundations of Science courses will take 18 credits in total in their first semester, plus the 1-credit "Design Your Global NYU Shanghai Experience" course.?

First-year students are not permitted to request overload.

How can I get my Advisor Clearance Hold lifted?

Complete the?Summer Advising Module?(Unit 5 in the Class of 2025 Summer Module) by Wednesday, August 11, 2021. Your Advisor Clearance Hold will be lifted when your summer advisor reviewed and approved your course plan submission in NYU Learning Management System (Brightspace). Please note this process will take?about 2-3 business days. You don’t need to send additional emails to your advisor.?

I will study in New York, Abu Dhabi, global sites, or fully remotely in Fall 2021, what are the registration guidelines?

If you will study in New York, Abu Dhabi, global sites, or fully remotely in Fall 2021, please review the registration guidelines for registering for courses outside of Shanghai in addition to the information below.

Do I need to take any courses for my intended major in my first semester?

Most of the majors offered at NYU Shanghai do not require students to take major courses in their first semester, but for students who intend to major in natural science majors (including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Neural Science) should follow the recommendations in the section above.?

Students who would like to pursue Honors Math major are highly recommended to take both Honors Calculus and Honors Linear Algebra I in their first semester.?

Who is my academic advisor and what can they help me with?

Each student is assigned to an academic adviser. Advisors provide resources and advising for academic challenges, support choosing majors and minors, and identify ways that your classes and experiences fit together to give meaning to your education and meet your personalized goals. You can find your?academic advisor’s information?in Albert.?

NYU Shanghai is a global community and the language of instruction is English, we encourage students to communicate?in English in academic settings, including advising.?


How can I reach out to my academic advisor?

You can contact?your academic advisor?via email or schedule an appointment on Albert. It typically takes 1-2 business days for your advisor to respond to your inquiry. There might be some delay during the peak hours, and we thank you for your patience.?