Course Enrollment for First Years

Once you have a good understanding of the curriculum and the course offerings, follow these steps to enroll in courses:

Step 1
Go to Albert and add the courses you would like to take for Fall into your shopping cart (see instructions). Pay special attention to any potential time conflicts, particularly with your GPS course, which cannot be changed.
Step 2 (optional)
Set up an appointment with your summer advisor to discuss your course plan. You may also email with any questions.
Step 3

Use this Checklist for adding courses into shopping cart

  • Did you add your Chinese/EAP course?
  • Did you add your math course?
  • Did you check the schedule of each course you picked and make sure there is no time conflict?
  • Did you have back up sections for your Chinese/EAP/Math courses, and alternate courses for your electives?
  • Have you validated all the courses you have put into your shopping cart?
Step 4
Email your summer advisor after you have finished the process of adding courses into your shopping cart.
Step 5
Register for classes at your designated enrollment time. Instructions on how to enroll in courses can be found here.?