Mathematics forms the cornerstone of the sciences, playing a powerful dual role as both a pure science and a tool for solving problems and modeling phenomena in other disciplines. For example, mathematics allows us to build efficient algorithms in computing, investigate rare events in financial markets, model the physical universe, develop predictions for climate science, map and study the human genome, and analyze the structure of the human brain. Mathematics draws vitality from questions arising in the natural world, as well as applications to industry and technology, and yet it is grounded in rigor and abstraction.

The Mathematics major is designed to give comprehensive training in both mathematics and its applications to prepare you for a career or more advanced degree programs. Courses required for the Mathematics major provide essential training and experience in analysis, algebra, differential equations, and probability theory. Mathematics elective courses cover numerous topics of pure and applied mathematics, including statistics, numerical analysis, partial differential equations, topology, differential geometry, scientific computing, mathematical finance, abstract algebra, number theory, and functional analysis.

NYU Shanghai offers two degree tracks in Mathematics: (a) Mathematics and (b) Honors Mathematics. Students who are interested in pursuing graduate study in Mathematics or related disciplines are encouraged to consider the Honors Mathematics degree.


Degree Requirements – 2020-2021 Bulletin

* = offered in Spring?’2021 in Shanghai

NOTE:?The requirements below are from the online version of the 2020-2021?bulletin. Please refer to the Registrar’s All Majors Degree Requirements if you are following a different major version.
Note that MATH-SHU 265 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations can’t substitute MATH-SHU 140 Linear Algebra. For any course that requires Linear Algebra as the pre-req, students have to meet the pre-req by taking Linear Algebra.
MATH-SHU 151 Multivariable Calculus* Pre-req: MATH-SHU 131 Calculus
MATH-SHU 140 Linear Algebra* Can be substituted by?Honors Linear Algebra I*. Pre-req: MATH-SHU 131 Calculus


Probability and Statistics* OR Honors Theory of Probability*


MATH-SHU 262/MATH-SHU 362 Ordinary Differential Equations* or Honors ODE Pre-reqs:?C or better in Calculus (MATH-SHU 131) and Linear Algebra (MATH-SHU 140) or Honors Linear Algebra(MATH-SHU 141) and Honors Calculus (MATH-SHU 201)
MATH-SHU 143 OR MAHT-SHU?201? Foundations of Mathematical Methods?OR Honors Calculus ?
Choose Eight. At least two must be from the "Constrained Math Electives" Category.?This list is not inclusive, other courses may be added if approved.
Constrained Math Electives
MATH-SHU 141 Honors Linear Algebra I Pre-req: MATH-SHU 131?Calculus with a grade of A or A-?OR Placement via NYU SH Mathematics Placement Examination.
MATH-SHU 142 Honors Linear Algebra II* Pre-req: MATH-SHU 141 Honors Linear Algebra I)
MATH-SHU 233 Honors Theory of Probability (pre-reqs: MATH-SHU 328 Honors Analysis I and MATH-SHU 140 Linear Algebra
MATH-SHU 236 Math of Data Science and Machine Learning* Prerequisite: DATS-SHU 234 Mathematical of Statistics (used to be MATH-SHU 234).
MATH-SHU?282 Functions of a Complex Variable* Pre-reqs:?MATH-SHU?151 Multivariable Calculus and?MATH-SHU?140 Linear Algebra OR?MATH-SHU?329 Honors Analysis II and?MATH-SHU?141 Honors Linear Algebra I
MATH-SHU 328 Honors Analysis I* Pre-req:?MATH-SHU 201 Honors Calculus
MATH-SHU 329 Honors Analysis II* Pre-reqs: MATH-SHU 328 Honors Analysis I and MATH-SHU 140 Linear Algebra. Note that Honors Linear Algebra I is strongly suggested to take as the pre-req.



Honors Algebra I ?



Honors Algebra II ?
MATH-SHU 377 Differential Geometry* Pre-req: MATH-SHU 329 Honors Analysis II
Additional Mathematics Electives
CSCI-SHU 2314 Discrete Mathematics Pre-reqs: MATH-SHU 131 Calculus or MATH-SHU 201 Honors Calculus
MATH-SHU 160 Networks and Dynamics Pre-reqs: MATH-SHU 131 Calculus OR MATH-SHU 201 Honors Calculus AND MATH-SHU 140 Linear Algebra


MATH-GA 2550

Functional Analysis ?
MATH-SHU 234 The Mathematics of Statistics and Data Science Pre-reqs: MATH-SHU 140 Linear Algebra, MATH-SHU 151 Multivariable Calculus and MATH-SHU 235 Probability and Statistics.


Combinatorics ?
MATH-SHU 250 Mathematics of Finance* Pre-reqs: MATH-SHU 151 Multivariable Calculus AND?MATH-SHU 235 Probability and Statistics or MATH-SHU 233 Honors Theory of Probability
MATH-SHU 251 Introduction to Math Modeling ?
MATH-SHU 252 Numerical Analysis* Pre-reqs: MATH-SHU 151 Multivariable Calculus and MATH-SHU 140 Linear Algebra OR MATH-SHU 329 Honors Analysis II and MATH-SHU 141 Honors Linear Algebra I
MATH-SHU 263 Partial Differential Equations* Pre-req: MATH-SHU 262 Ordinary Differential Equations or MATH-SHU 362 Honors Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH-SHU 339 Real Variables Pre-req: MATH-SHU 328 Honors Analysis I or MATH-SHU 329 Honors Analysis II. Honors Analysis II is preferred.?This is a high level course in analysis which requires a very good background in proving theorems. Students who did not have a high grade in Honors Analysis I or Honors Analysis II are strongly encouraged to consult the course instructor to see whether they have enough background.
MATH-SHU 341 Number Theory Pre-req: MATH-SHU 349 Honors Algebra II


MATH-GA 2310

Topology ?
MATH-SHU 345 Intro to?Stochastic Processes Pre-reqs: MATH-SHU 140 Linear Algebra and MATH-SHU 233 Honors Theory?of Probability
MATH-SHU?377 Differential Geometry* ?
MATH-SHU 997 Math Independent Study* Please follow the instruction and fill out the permission form.
Recommended Fall 2020 Courses

Recommended Courses in Spring?2021?for Freshmen:

  • Linear Algebra
  • Multivariate Calculus
  • Foundations of Mathematical Methods
  • WAI
  • EAP/Chinese

Recommended Courses in Spring?2021 for Sophomores:

  • Probability and Statistics
  • Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Foundations of Mathematical Methods
Faculty Mentor

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Minor in Mathematics
Four 4-credit mathematics courses at the Calculus level or higher. Of current math offerings, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, Math for Economists would not count for the minor.
Math Curriculum Worksheet

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