Electrical and Systems Engineering

Electrical and Systems Engineering at NYU Shanghai is designed to create technological leaders with a global perspective, a broad education, and the capacity to think creatively. Innovations by electrical engineers touch every aspect of modern life, from the subway systems beneath our cities, to the HD televisions on our walls and the smart phones in our pockets. This process of innovation is never complete, and new challenges await tomorrow’s electrical engineers. The Electrical and Systems Engineering program draws upon courses across an array of disciplines - including mathematics, physics and computer science - in addition to a wide variety of courses in electrical and systems engineering. The liberal arts core provides the intellectual breadth, a “license to learn,” preparing students to thrive in a multicultural globalized world and to learn and adapt quickly in areas that evolve with ever-increasing swiftness. The courses often include hands-on coursework in our state-of-the-art laboratories. In addition, the variety of specialized subjects you can investigate through elective coursework — from micro-electronics to wireless communication and smart grid power systems — ensures a highly flexible education suited to your particular interests.

You can apply your electrical and systems engineering training across a wide spectrum of fields. Launch a career in electronic design, bioengineering, city planning, and astronautics, or pursue opportunities in image processing, telemetry, computer design, and patent law. Some graduates also pursue advanced studies toward a master’s or doctorate degree.


Degree Requirements – 2019-20 Bulletin

Total: 14 courses

* = offered in Fall?’20?in Shanghai

NOTE:?The requirements below are from the?online version of the 2019-2020?bulletin. Note that the online version has some updates not in the printed version so you should consult the online version. To fulfill the Core Curriculum Science requirement, students must take: 1) PHYS-SHU 91 Foundations of Physics I Honors or CCSC-SHU 50 Physics I; 2) PHYS-SHU 93 Foundations of Physics II Honors or CCSC-SHU 51 Physics II; and 3) CCSC-SHU 53 Physics II Lab.
REQUIRED MAJOR COURSES: All 10 courses below
MATH-SHU?151 Multivariable?Calculus* Pre-req: Calculus


Linear Algebra and Differential Equations*?OR

Linear Algebra* OR

Networks and Dynamics

Pre-req: Calculus

Pre-req: Calculus

Pre-reqs: Calculus and Linear Algebra



Probability and Statistics*

OR?Honors Theory of Probability

Pre-req: Calculus OR Honors Calculus

Pre-reqs: Honors Analysis 1 and Linear Algebra/Honors Linear Algebra 1



Introduction to Programming* OR

Introduction to Computer Science*

Pre-req:?Calculus /Honors Calculus ( Or place into Calculus/Honors Calculus)

Pre-req: ICP?or placement test

EENG-SHU 251 Circuits Pre-req: Calculus
CENG-SHU 201 Digital Logic* Pre-req:?ICP or ICS or Interaction Lab
EE-UY 3054 Signals and Systems taught in Tandon in New York
EE-UY 3114 Electronics taught in Tandon in New York
EE-UY 3604 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves taught in Tandon in New York
EENG-SHU 400 Senior Capstone Design Project ?
Not every course listed is taught every semester, and in any given semester other courses may be offered that fulfill this requirement. Requirements may be met through equivalent courses in the Global Network with prior approval. If you find a class not on the list that you would like to count towards this requirement, please email your advisor.
Choose 2 from these 4 courses
EE-UY 3064 Feedback Control Systems taught in Tandon in New York
EE-UY 3404 Communication Systems taught in Tandon in New York
EE-UY 3124 Electronics II taught in Tandon in New York
EE-UY 3824 Electric Energy Conversion Systems taught in Tandon in New York
Choose 2 more from the following list of courses

CENG-SHU 350 /

EE-UY 3144 /

EE-UY 4144

Embedded Computer Systems Pre-reqs: "ICP or ICS" AND "Computer Architecture?or Digital Logic"
CSCI-SHU 308 Computer Networking Pre-req: ICS
EE-UY 3064 Feedback Control Systems taught in Tandon in New York
EE-UY 3404 Communication Systems taught in Tandon in New York
EE-UY 3124 Electronics II taught in Tandon in New York
EE-UY 3824 Electric Energy Conversion Systems taught in Tandon in New York

EENG-SHU 3193 /

EE-UY 3193

Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) Circuit Design taught in Tandon in New York
EL-GY 6113 Digital Signal Processing taught in Tandon in New York
EENG-SHU 375 Robotic Systems ?
EENG-SHU 306 Instrumentation, Sensors and Actuators ?
Faculty Mentor

Prof. Keith Ross?Office: 1415 | Email:?kwr200@nyu.edu?|?Profile

Minor in Electrical and Systems Engineering: 4 courses
CSCI-SHU 11 OR?INTM-SHU 101 Introduction to Programming*?OR? Interaction Lab*
EENG-SHU 251 Circuits
CENG-SHU 201 Digital Logic*
Electrical and Systems Engineering Elective
Independent Study

Does not satisfy the major elective requirement. Students majoring in computer science, data science, or engineering are permitted to work on an individual basis under the supervision of a full-time faculty member in the relevant discipline if they have maintained an overall GPA of 3.0 and a GPA of 3.5 in computer science/data science/engineering and have a study proposal that is approved by a computer science/data science/engineering professor.?