Computer Science

Computer Science at NYU Shanghai is designed to create technological leaders with a global perspective, a broad education, and the capacity to think creatively. Computer science focuses on how to design, build, and effectively use the computers and systems that we interact with every day — from the iPhones in our hands to the complex databases in our banks and hospitals and to the self-driving cars of the future. Because computer technology powers the most essential functions of business, industry, government and entertainment, computer scientists have tremendous opportunities for growth and exploration. The liberal arts core provides the intellectual breadth, a “license to learn,” preparing students to thrive in a multicultural globalized world and to learn and adapt quickly in areas that evolve with ever-increasing swiftness.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a rigorous program that not only covers fundamental computer science subjects - such as object-oriented programming, computer architecture, and operating systems – but provides a wide variety of elective courses, spanning artificial intelligence, game programming, natural language processing, information visualization, security and privacy, computer networking, machine learning, and smartphone application development. Students are actively encouraged to pursue research with NYU Shanghai computer science professors, all of whom are renown in their respective fields. Students are involved in an increasing number of interdisciplinary initiatives across the university, including the Center for Data Science and Analytics and the Neuroscience Research Institute.

Computer science graduates have a myriad of career paths, including: creating information technology products of the future at large and dynamic companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple or within exciting high-tech startups throughout the world. Entrepreneurship skills combined with computer science prowess can help in creating your own high-tech startup, pursuing careers in business or finance that leverage computer science expertise, or going on to do cutting-edge research in a PhD program. Household names such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Melisa Myers, Robin Li, and Kai-Fu Lee all began in computer science.

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Degree Requirements – 2019-20 Bulletin

Total: 12 courses

* = offered in Fall?’20?in Shanghai

CSCI-SHU 101 Introduction to Computer Science* Pre-req: ICP or placement exam
Choose one Statistics course from the following four:
MATH-SHU 235 Probability and Statistics* Pre-req: Calculus
MATH-SHU 233 Honors Theory of Probability Pre-req: “Honors Analysis 1” and “Linear Algebra or Honors Linear Algebra 1”
BUSF-SHU 101 Statistics for Business and Economics ?
CSCI-SHU 210 Data Structures* Pre-req: ICS, or?A- and above in ICP?
CSCI-SHU 2314 Discrete Mathematics* Pre-req: Calculus or Concurrently enroll in Calculus

Computer Architecture


Computer Systems Organization

Pre-req for Computer Architecture: ICS or ICP

CSCI-SHU 220 / CS-UY 2413 /?CSCI-UA 310? Algorithms* Pre-reqs: Data Structures, and Discrete Math or?Linear Algebra or Honors Linear Algebra
CSCI-SHU 215 Operating Systems* Pre-reqs: Data Structures, and Computer Architecture or Computer Systems Organization
CSCI-SHU 420 Senior Project ?
Not every course listed is taught every semester, and in any given semester other courses may be offered that fulfill this requirement. Requirements may be met through equivalent courses in the Global Network with prior approval. If you find a class not on the list that you would like to count towards this requirement, please email your advisor.
CSCI-SHU 188 Computer Music* Pre-req:?ICP or ICS or Interaction Lab

CSCI-SHU 213 /

CS-UY 3083

Databases* Pre-req: Data Structure
CSCI-SHU 308 Computer Networking Pre-req:?ICS
CENG-SHU 350 Embedded Computer Systems Pre-reqs: "Computer Architecture or Digital Logic" and "ICP or ICS"
CSCI-SHU 360 Machine Learning* Pre-reqs: ICP and Calculus/Honors Calculus

CSCI-SHU 410 /

CS-UY 4513

Software Engineering* Pre-req: ICS
BUSF-SHU 326 Big Data and Accounting Analytics Pre-reqs: "Principles of Financial Accounting and ICS" or with Instructor Permission
BUSF-SHU 310 Data Science for Social and Information Networks* Pre-reqs:?ICP?and Calculus/Honors Calculus
CENG-SHU 201 Digital Logic* Pre-req: ICP or ICS or Interaction Lab
CSCI-SHU 235 Information Visualization* Pre-req: Data Structures
INTM-SHU 230-002 Topics in Computation & Data: Generative Language Pre-req: ICP or Interaction Lab or Communications Lab
INTM-SHU 231 Developing Web ?
CSCI-SHU 222 Game Programming Pre-reqs: Data Structures or Data Structures and Algorithms or ICS with Department Consent
CSCI-SHU 402 Advanced Algorithms ?

CSCI-SHU 372 /

CS-UY 4613

Artificial Intelligence ?

CSCI-SHU 323 /


Computer Graphics ?

CENG-SHU 304 /

CS-UY 3923

Computer Security ?

Computer Systems Organization (if not taken as a major required course)

CSCI-SHU 271 Computer Vision ?
CSCI-UA 480 iOS Application Development Pre-req: ICS - B grade or higher recommended
CSCI-SHU 378 Introduction to Cryptography* ?
CSCI-UA 480 Natural Language Processing ?
CS-UY 3933 Network Security ?

CENG-SHU 303 /


Parallel and Distributed Computing ?
EENG-SHU 375 Robotic System ?

CSCI-SHU 358 /


Theory of Computation ?

CSCI-SHU 310 /

CS-UY 3393

UNIX System Programming


BUSF-SHU 200E Network Analytics Pre-req: ICP, Calculus, and Statistics?
CSCI-SHU 254 Distributed Systems Pre-req: Data Structures and Operating Systems
CSCI-SHU 240? Introduction to Optimization and Mathematical Programming Pre-req:?ICP; AND Calculus?or Honor Calculus ; AND Prob and Stats or Stats for Bus and Econ or Theory of Probability?
CSCI-SHU?311 Functional Programming Pre-req: Data Structures and Discrete Math
CSCI-SHU 375 Reinforcement Learning* Pre-req: Machine Learning and Theory of Probability; Or?instructor's permission



Recommended Fall 2020 Courses

Recommended Fall?2020?Courses?

  1. Introduction to Computer Science
  2. Data Structures
  3. Discrete Math
  4. Algorithms
  5. Operating Systems
Faculty Mentors

Prof. Keith Ross?Office: 1415 | Email:?|?Profile


Prof. Olivier Marin?Office:?1162-1?|?Email:?|?Profile

Minor in Computer Science: 4 or 5 courses
CSCI-SHU 11 Introduction to Programming* Students can place out of this course if they have prior programming background through the placement exam.?
CSCI-SHU 101 Introduction to Computer Science*
CSCI-SHU 210? Data Structures*
CENG-SHU 202 Computer Architecture*
One Computer Science Elective course (DM-UY 2193 Intro to Web Development, INTM-SHU 231 Developing Web or CSCI-UA courses under 100 level do not count towards the minor. CS-UY 3913 Java and Web Design can count towards the minor.)
Note: Data Science majors should take one additional Computer Science Elective to earn at least 12 unique credits for the minor.
Independent Study

Does not satisfy the major elective requirement. Students majoring in computer science, data science, or engineering are permitted to work on an individual basis under the supervision of a full-time faculty member in the relevant discipline if they have maintained an overall GPA of 3.0 and a GPA of 3.5 in computer science/data science/engineering and have a study proposal that is approved by a computer science/data science/engineering professor.

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